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Our Mission

It’s a Wonderfull World

Our  aquatic world is an amazing place, full of curious creatures and natural wonder, and we’re passionate about it! Take a look around our website and  find out more about us and what we do. 

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to take you to dive in the unique deep blue  waters of the Atlantic.

With us, you’ll have a relaxed dive  in small groups and a personal care to plan your dives.

We are your best  DIVING TEAM !

Start diving now!  Click on our e-learning system and enjoy!


Snorkel/Try Dive

Water Sports


Stand Up Paddel

Shelterd from the north winds, in the Marine Reserve, absolutely safe and confortable, we offer Paddel and Kayaking experiences. Specially if you’re a beginner, the calm waters of our bay are the perfect place for you to start this addictive sport!

Come and try it!

We promise big fun and an unforgetfull day!


To make everything easy

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How to Reach Us

Porto Santo Airport receives flights from Lisbon throughout the year.

There are daily flights between Funchal and Porto Santo, with a flight time of about 15 minutes.

During summer, you can also find direct flights from some of Europe’s major airports.

Another way to get to Porto Santo is by ferry from Funchal, on the neighboring island of Madeira. The trip takes 2H30.

The dive centre provides a transfer from the hotel to the base for diving trips.

What do they say about us?

Great team. Great spots, especially the two wrecks. Thank you! They go out every day in the morning and the afternoon.
My 11 year old daughter and I joined Jose and Joanna for some snorkelling. Jose knew the best spots around the reef near their shop. We didn’t have to travel far to see loads of fish!! The best thing was the welcome, Jose and Joanna are both extremely welcoming and helpful with all the kit and made it a really lovely time for us both. Thanks Tim and Evie
Very enjoyable try dive after being picked up from my Hotel, I was the only student and Joana and Ricardo looked after me very well, was able to sea lots of fish even at 6m depth, so much better diving from the shore than a pool like I did 25 years ago in Thailand

RNAT: 1333/2017