About Us

We are a family running a diving centre, and we’re passionate about it.
In every client, we see a friend, and we will be looking forward to see you again, next year.
We‘ve start  diving in 1996 and it was like falling in love again!
​In 2001 tired of the routines of a  big town and looking forward to make a drastic change in our lives, we discovered the precious island of Porto Santo and find out that this is the place we want to get older…. and happy!
We have thousands of logged dives  and we know the underworld of Porto Santo like no one!

José Ricardo: the Boss!

He’s the one that makes the dive centre run on time! Most probably, he’s the one that will pick you up at the hotel. He’s vast experience, makes him the perfect person to choose the best spot for you.

Reliability is the word that defines him.


 you’ll spot her right away! She will do her best to make you feel at home.

Whatever you need, she will be there for you!

She loves to dive, so surely you’ll have her as a buddy…and you’ll enjoy it!

Emanuel de Almada:

The best instructor you’ll ever find and also a marine biologist with a lot of work in investigation field.

His infinite patience and calm give to everyone the willing to learn to dive and do as many dives as you can.

You can trust him your life.

Ana Catarina Caria

Also a marine biologist, passionate about diving, she’s the one you can rely to help you feel confortable  while putting on all the stuff you need. She’s our best public relations and marketing manager.

Alexandre Ricardo

He’s the skipper.

On the boat, he will be there for you!

Helpfull and kind, he will make the hardest part of diving easyer.

Leonardo Ricardo

The salt water runs in the family… He has learned to dive with us and never stopped. Today, he’s a marine biologist and spend the summer vacations diving with us. Among his many talents, we relay on him to take care of the informatic and you can count on him to be the best buddy for all kinds of dive you want.

Carlos Ricardo:

​The best all-in-one person you’ll find! His skills to find a solution for whatever we may need make him irreplaceable! Our secret wish is to have him with us all year around.

He will be your best buddy, knowing all the spots and guide you  under water to see hidden treasures.

And last but not least….


She’s the welcome comity!

You’ll be received with a warm and friendly barking …and a wagging tail all the time!