• The wide spaces onboard our boat allow us to maintain a distance between divers and guests during all the phases that precede and follow the excursions. The boat is washed and sanitized at the end of each dive trip.


  • All guests and staff members will be using protective masks and will sanitise hands before entering the shop and before getting onboard.


  • Dedicated personal equipment and personal belongings storage


  • All staff is monitored and  Anti Covid-19 procedures trained with the measures established by the DGS (Portuguese Health ministry)


  • All the rental equipment at our center is washed and disinfected with the use of certified products against viruses and bacteria.


  • We have activated a washing and sanitizing system for all the equipment for rent at our center. To this must be added that to avoid the risk of contamination due to subsequent manipulations,  antiseptic protection is applied to regulator mouthpiece’s and it will be single-use only. For greater comfort, however, it is always possible to bring your own mouthpiece to be installed on our rented regulators or purchase a new one directly at our dive base. It is suggested the use of your personal mask however, we do have a stock of new ones shall you prefer in buying one.


  • We provide our customers with hand sanitizing gel, both on the premises and onboard the boat.