Become a certified Freediver

Are you ready for the ultimate way to explore underwater? Learn to freedive and experience the ocean in an exciting new way as you explore beautiful dive sites on a single breath. With no heavy equipment, you will move underwater with ease and find a complete sense of becoming one with the ocean. Earning an SSI freediving certification is much easier than you think with our wide range of recreational freediving programs for all ages. SSI offers different freediving certification levels to suit every water enthusiast’s needs and interests. You will be able to explore the underwater world in many different ways and learn about the different types of unique equipment freedivers use to achieve their diving goals. Create a free mySSI account and start your freediving journey online today!


Try Freediving (*) – 60€

Basic Freediving(*)- 175€

Pool Freediving(*) – 210€

Freediving Level 1(*) – 325€

 (*) Equipment Included

Prices include current VAT


Freedive  1 person: 50€

Freedive 2 persons : 40€

 Rental equipment: 15€